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Fariba Ameri, Fine Art - Click here to read Biography
Mohsen Manouchehry, Photo Journalism - Click here to read Biography
Shahla Sepehr Bebe, Fine Art Photography Artist - Click here to read Biography
Ray Zod, Composer, Conductor and Concert pianist - Click here to read Biography
Ziba Shirazi, Vocalist - Click here to read Biography
Azam Ali, Singer - Click here to read Biography
Maryam Pourmalek Mehran, Pianist - Click here to read Biography
Raeeka Shehabi-Yaghmai, Mezzo Soprano - Click here to read Biography
Darya Dadvar, Soprano Soloist and Composer - Click here to read Biography

A new version of Darya Dadvar Ey-Iran Vancouver 2007 is now added to YouTube. Here is a link:

New photos of Toronto concert here:
Ziba Shirazi Music
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Idin Music

Kamran & Hooman
Kamran and Hooman
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Lian Records
Based in Los Angeles, The Lian Ensemble is a group of virtuoso performers and composers. Their powerful compositions fuse the Mystical Persian musical heritage with the contemporary sensibilities of postmodern Jazz. Combining a unique musical vision with dauntless dedication to experimentation, they create a synthesis of mystical world music composed of traditional and folk melodies and instruments. Their "Brilliance " have been praised by John Schneider of KPFK radio. The Lian is comprised of world-renowned musicians whose diverse and uniquely versatile musical styles lend to this rare blend of Mystical world music. Lian's music flows effortlessly between a diverse range of styles and traditions, while fearlessly forging a path and sound that is all their own. Los Angeles Times writes, "The Lian Ensemble's music-original compositions written and improvised in class on its own terms". After much collaboration, the musicians have acquired the requisite knowledge of Persian music, and each adds their own distinctive rhythmic sounds to compositions, creating an exciting mix of melodies that go beyond the stylistic boundaries. In performance, Lian's ever evolving repertoire of creative original music is expanded, rearranged, and examined with exploratory eyes at each and every concert. Los Angeles Times (Don Heckman) writes," Lian ensemble is a gifted group with completive compositions and virtuosic performances"
Please feel free to visit Mahvash Azhir new website for more info & audio samples
On this page you will find a wide varity of things such as samples of music and discograph.

Nooshafarin Story & Photos
At this link, you will read about the greatness of pop-star, Nooshafarin, what makes her so great, and why everyone should know about her. You will also see a few of her best photos.
Amir Music

Seda Music
Seda ensemble is dedicated to the re-introduction and performance of masterpieces of the contemporary Iranian classical music. Our goal is to both entertain and educate our audiences with works of grand masters of Iranian classical music. Doing so we will cooperate with guest artists who will aid us in achieving this great matter. To re-introduce this great body of work, we come together as one trying to find a path that will lead us to compassion and love for all.

Persian Music and Poetry

Nooshafarin's Online Fanclub!
This site is an online fanclub for Persian pop-star/actress, Nooshafarin. With over 100 photos, music links, trivia, event-calander, discography, filmography, and message board, it's a beautiful site, for a beautiful star!

Get your free download of Azam Ali's "In the Divide" from her new release "Elysium for the Brave"
"Ali's voice is a glorious, unforgettable instrument." -Billboard
"One of today's most astounding voices."-Global Rhythm Magazine
"Ali's voice will set a thousand minarets spinning with its sensuous, rich pulchritude."-The Stranger (Seattle)
"Ali's velvet vocals convey both sensuality and devotional ecstacy." Songlines (UK)
"Azam Ali has become one of the best-loved vocalists on America's world music scene." India West
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Iranian Singer/Artist: Sasha
Sasha is a truly unique and talented performer. Singing since the age of twelve, Sasha has experimented with a variety of styles and vocals, eventually finding a passion for pop. His performances are captivating and innovative and he is destined to become a leading contender in the Persian music industry.

IRAN Music Box; all songs about IRAN

Parviz Azad
Composer / Pianist
Chris de Burgh and Aryan Group in Iran (FARSI)