Non-Profit organizations

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Please note that this page is belonged to Non-Profit Organizations of ALL nationalities.

Zhina Foundation USA is a non-political, non-religious non-profit organization with the mission of supporting the Iranian people affected during the uprise fighting for their basic human rights and freedom.

Iranian American Parents Association Cross Cultural Expressions is a private, non-profit mental health organization that serves the Iranian/Iranian-American community, through therapy, education and the arts. - International Health & Epidemiology Research Center

PAND (Persian American Networking Development) Society was established for the purpose of helping Persian Americans network and to establish professional relationships amongst each other.


BIANCA Foundation - The Bianca Foundation mission is to educate and empower our teens by providing them the right tools to gain confidence to become successful in all areas of their lives in the school.

Bonyad Iman

Association of Iranian American Professionals (AIAP) - AIAP is a non-profit, non-political organization with no religious preferences that is based in San Diego and strives to serve as a positive element in the professional, social, and economic well-being of its members and the community. - Fire Safety Foundation to elevate public awareness in regard to fire safety - Entrepreneurship Foundation

IPAA is a non-political non-religious organization, strives to provide cultural, educational events to bring the community together.


Council on Persian Culture (cPc) is established to "Revive, Preserve & Promote Persian Culture Values Globally" . Please join us for global Peace & Harmony.