Iranian American Business Directory
Persian Legal Services
Persian Legal Services
Armin Anvaripour
22982 LaCadena Dr. , Suite 1

Tel: 949.472.3686
Fax: 949.586.1645
Converting Old 8mm/16mm Films, Any VHS Tape or any Format to DVD.
DVD and CD duplication.
Transfer Old Records or Tapes to CD.
Passport photo for any country.
Transfer universal systems(PAL & NTSC) to DVD.
Immigration, Citizenship, Social Security assistant.
Notary Public and Certified Traslation of all kind of documents to and from any languages.
Photo Restoration(old or super old).


ASAP Business Services
ASAP Business Services
Alex Mazaheri

Sherman Oaks CA
Tel: 818.917.0598

On-Call Attorney & Messenger Services
On-Call Attorney & Messenger Services
Brandon Yadegar
110 N. Doheny Dr.
Beverly Hills CA 90211

Tel: 310.666.1712
Contact: Brandon Yadegar & David Azemo
On-Call is a FULL line attorney service providing Los Angeles with a broad range of services including: Registered Process Serving Court Filings, Daily Court Pick up Messenger/Courier Service Photocopying Subpoena Preparation All services are available NATIONWIDE We specialize in rush services! Call us today!,