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Creating Balance in Mind, Body & Spirit
Creating Balance in Mind, Body & Spirit
Noushin Talei Nikfarjam, PhDc abd Jacklin Yazdani, PhDc

Tel: 310-600-0289
We are in a new field of creating wellness and thriving, Psychoneurology, that does not require a diagnosis or labeling of the patient. Our underlying premise is that each individual human being is already perfect and whole as opposed to broken or diseased. Therefore, rather than trying to focus on fixing a broken person, we support the patient in developing new resources, or learning’s, that will help enhance their lives in the service of reaching their highest levels of thriving.
In our interactive method of teaching, we focus on the needs of our students even more than the subject of the day. We are true believers that the questions which come up in our seminars have equal value as our own teachings and everyone would benefit out of participating in the discussions. The participants always leave the classes with a great amount of energy and new understandings that can utilize in their lives immediately. Expert in Integrated Healing.