About IranianHotline.com

FIFTEEN years of Excellence and Integrity
IranianHotline.com was launched on December 2003 by Sheida D. Shirazi, graduate of Aryamehr - Sharif University of Tehran, majoring in Computer Engineering, with the goal of providing the Iranian community information available online around the clock and creating a bridge to connect the community abroad.

Since its inception, IranianHotline has been supported and warmly greeted by numerous organizations, event holders, artists, businesses, professionals and thousands of daily visitors from the Iranian American community. As the number one Iranian search result on Google, IranianHotline.com is currently the top Iranian-American online resource guide.

The IranianHotline email list currently holds over 13,000 active members, who receive weekly e-newsletters highlighting events, community news, art, culture, professionals, organizations activities, and announcements. IranianHotline weekly e-newsletters provide a superior mode of reaching the Iranian American community.

Several accredited organizations such as the Los Angeles Film Institute, the Skirball Cultural Center, LACMA and art festivals rely on the IranianHotline website as the most effective outreach to the Iranian American community. IranianHotline is regularly invited to sponsor and promote their events.

During the past fifteen years, IranianHotline has played an integral role in connecting organizations, artists, professionals and visitors to the Iranian American community by assisting non-profit organizations, helping people find jobs and promoting artists, which are just a few examples of philanthropic activities of the Iranian Hotline.

IranianHotline.com has been featured in Beverly Hills Time Magazine, as well as on several television and radio programs and Iranian media outlets.

"I am happy to shed light on such a wonderful service. It is important that communities have resources to turn in to that, keep people informed about businesses and what's going in their city. I know many people, including myself who have used IranianHotline services. I encourage people to use this service; it helps the Iranians connect and stay in touch with each other in a different country." Mayor Jimmy Delshad

"Your website is amazing! We got full house in both screenings, thanks for your professional service and looking forward to working with you on our next festival." Los Angeles Film Festival Marketing Coordinator

Services are briefly as:

  • Events are listed at home page, sorted by date, for an easy access. they are also available in a Calendar format;
  • Professionals are listed a in an effective and unique layout in their associated directories, covering all the information in one place;

  • Free Weekly e-Newsletter is sent out every Wednesday to IranianHotline members, including upcoming events, Community Announcements, Businesses Announcements, Promotions, Articles, Job Offers, Event Reports, Publication & media Announcements and other useful information;
  • Events Tickets;
  • Job Offers and Job Requests;

    and many more useful services.

    Services are being added frequently to fulfill Iranian American community needs.